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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Work it

Top: lululemon - found in store.  Try this or this or this short sleeve version. // Pants: lululemon.  Very   similar // Trainers: Nike Free, also love these and these //Sunnies: Gucci - Gold version

Call me crazy...but I like to workout!  I can remember back to middle school when Betsy and I would get up early to do aerobics (haha!) in our living room before school.  I know, I know - crazy, right?  I've done about every type of exercise.  From aerobics, to weightlifting, "buns of steel" (anyone remember those videos??), to running.  I just feel better afterwards.  Of course I'm human and take a week or two off here and there, but I really just aim to do something active 4-5 times/week.

I enjoy meeting up with friends to workout or go running when possible.  Otherwise, I workout at home.  I found about 2 years ago and I'm addicted!  The workouts are spot on!  Some are a longer 45-60 mins while some are a hard and quick 20 mins (my favorite!).  The site can be overwhelming at first because they have so many workouts and tons of information.  If you look down the right side, you can find workout challenges.  Right now, I'm doing the Hiit Max workouts.  You can also find the videos on You Tube.  If you're looking for something new and different to do, I highly recommend you giving it a try.

Of course, fun athletic clothes always help!

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