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Saturday, June 27, 2015

National Sunglass Day and the benefits of sunglasses

I am loving tortoise shell sunglasses.  They are chic, classic, and timeless. In honor of it being National Sunglass Day I have rounded up some of the best tortoise shell sunglasses I've seen lately.   If you are searching for a new pair for summer, maybe give one of these a try:  ( Three of these are under $25!!)
If you find it hard to decide or just don't want to pay $200+ on the pair you've been lusting over, you could give DITTO Endless Eyewear a try!  We talked about it in detail back in this post.  It's a monthly sunglass subscription where you can pick a pair of sunglasses to wear, keep them as long as you like then pick a new pair and return the old pair with free shipping.  To give it a try and get your first month FREE use this link!

Sunglasses are stylish and fun but also very important for maintaining good eye health.  

1 - UV Protection: Sunglasses can help block harmful UV radiation that can cause cataracts and age-related macular degeneration.  
2 - Skin Cancer: Cancer of the eyelids and the skin around the eyes is more common than people think.
3 - Comfortable vision: Sun brightness and sun glare can make it difficult to see especially when driving.  
4 - Wrinkles: Sunglasses help to prevent wrinkles by protecting the delicate area around the eyes.  I'm all for that! #nosquinting 


  1. I never knew there was such a thing as "national sunglasses day". Thanks for sharing!
    Visiting from a linkup and I am hosting a link party too! I'd love if you'd share a link @ The Sugar Ribbon Blog.

    XOXO Heather

  2. Thanks Heather! We'll definitely link to your next link up!

  3. How cool is it there is a service like that for sunglasses!



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