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Saturday, January 2, 2016

Seven on Saturday

1.  I gave this tote to my mother-in-law for Christmas.  I love it so much, I think I need it too!! :)  I just love the bright pink spot.

2.  We love the simplicity of a baseball tee.  This lace version has to be the best baseball tee ever!

3.  My new workout routine is mainly based on weight-lifting.  (I'm hoping to share more about this new routine on the blog soon.)  So, I'm back to drinking my protein shakes.  I use this blender everyday to mix it.  I love the smaller blending cups.

4. For Christmas, we got a Fatwood box.  It has pine wood pieces in a cute pine wood crate.  We have an indoor gas fireplace but will use these wood pieces in our outdoor wood-buring fireplace.  It replaces crumpled up paper you may use to start a fire and makes fire starting easier.  I'll be keeping the crate inside as decor beside our indoor fireplace.

5. We use electric toothbrushes, there just is such a huge difference between them and regular toothbrushes.  The hubby and I each use this one and the kids use this one.

6.  A few weeks ago I got myself this eyeshadow palette and love it!  The colors are so pretty and last all day.  Now I'm hoping to get this new one soon.

7.  How fun and perfect is this gold stripe tunic?!  It looks so comfy and cozy, great for lounging this winter.


  1. I've been thinking of getting the Tartlette palette. I'm trying to decide which new 1 I'm going to get. Stopping by from Saturday sharefest.

  2. Those eyeshadow palettes are gorgeous!! I need some new ones and those look perfect.


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