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Monday, February 29, 2016

Pink Pants

Pink pants?  In a slightly flared cropped version?  Can you get any more "Spring" than that!!!?

Yes!  You can!
Add a gingham shirt!

While jeans are my tried and true go-to most days of the week, I love having beautiful classic pants too.  For this cropped pant to look its best, make sure it hits the skinniest part of your ankle.  If you're short, you might have to have them hemmed to fit just right.  This length allows you to show off your favorite shoes.  The beauty of these pants, is that they work with all types of shoes...sneakers, flats and heels!  So you can wear them for errands, work or cocktails!

Have you tried the cropped pants for Spring?    

Pants: J. Crew // Blouse: last year, very similar here // Tote: Rebecca Minkoff // Heels: Nine West // Belt: J. Crew Factory // Watch: Michael Kors // Earrings:  Happiness Boutique


Saturday, February 27, 2016

Seven on Saturday: Spring Staples

This week's Seven on Saturday is all about Spring!  These 7 items are what we think are essential for your Spring wardrobe.

1.  White Tee
A white tee is number one on our list for a reason!  There are endless possibilities.  We are partial to a slightly oversized v-neck style like this.  We also have a few in this style that we love.  Looking for something a little different?  This is cute.

2.  Chambray Shirt
Second on our list - or maybe number one to many - is the chambray shirt.  Like the white tee - endless possibilities!  Seriously goes with everything!  This shirt is under $30.  And this one is unique with a split back!

3. Shoes
 It's time to finally give those feet a break.  Our three favorite Spring shoes are open toe mulesslip-on sneakers, and ballet flats.

4. White Jeans
We wear ours year-round, but there is something about crisp bright white jeans.  These white jeans are just $54.  We love the distressing on these.

5. Spring Sweaters
Spring days can still be cool.  Breezy sweaters are just perfect.  We absolutely adore the cold shoulder look of this sweater!  I know we've posted this sweater before, but it's just so cute!  It comes in 9 colors and perfect to throw on for chilly Spring days.  This sweater is perfectly light and simple for Spring.  It comes in 6 color choices.

6. Skirts
I have a couple colors of this skirt.  So cute and easy to throw on.  Stripes are always a favorite pattern of ours and this stripe skirt is a classic.  This isn't a skirt, but it's an adorable flowing easy breezy dress that comes in 3 colors.  Booties and a cardigan now.  Strappy sandals later!

7. Jewelry
We love statement jewelry.  Fun, colorful, and eye catching.  Statement jewelry doesn't have to be large, just unique and interesting.  This bracelet is a gorgeous mix of gold and turquoise.  These earrings are a feminine, classic spring flower.  This long pendant necklace comes in 6 bright and cheery colors.

Friday, February 26, 2016

Thursday, February 25, 2016

"In a blog" Series #5 - How to get great blog photos

1.  Use props

Try to use natural props that you'd already have with you or find out in nature.  That way it seems more natural and less staged.  Examples are bicycles, your cell phone, a coffee mug, beautiful flowers, your pet or a park bench.

2.  Search for prime locations and backdrops

As you're driving around town, make a mental note or make a list of beautiful picture locations.  It's nice to mix up the locations depending on what you're wearing and the vibe you are trying to capture in your photos.  Some outfits need a natural setting, some need a more urban setting.  

Also, make a list of backdrops that you find.  I love pretty colored walls, but unfortunately there aren't many close to where I live.  So I'm always looking for stone walls, fences or any other different walls.  

3.  Play with angles

 Take time to practice with your camera and decide which angles you like best.  Pictures from above will make you look smaller, pictures from below will make you look taller.
Do you like pictures of your profile or straight on?  Which is your best side?  I don't usually prefer my right to my left, but I do like when I'm looking just slightly downward.  Katey tends to look to the left more.  

4.  Try different poses

Make note of your pictures that you like best.  Do you have a pose that is more flattering than others? Look online at other blogs or Pinterest and note poses you really like.  Try them the next time you are photographing a look.  

5.  Use real life settings 

Sometimes its nice to get blog pictures that are in a more real-life setting.  They make the pictures look candid, natural, not posed.  Like you took them during your day-to-day activities.  Examples of this are in your favorite coffee shop or in your home.  Walking down the street by your favorite shops looks like a captured picture instead of staged.  

6.  Smile, have fun

The easiest way to get great blog photos, is to be relaxed and enjoy the process.  You don't have to smile in every picture but look like you're having a good time.  A good relationship with your photographer helps.  

7.  Use your signature look

If you're wearing an outfit that is your style, or signature look, you'll automatically feel confident.   It really does make a difference!  Be true to who you are and what your style is.  

8.  But be willing to step outside the box

Even though you have a signature style, you still need to be able to mix it up.  Having the same look in all your pictures will start to get boring to your readers after a while.  Trying something new can be fun and challenging and keep your blog fresh!!  We tend to style a lot of outfits with jeans.  It's our natural go-to type of look.  We are aware of that and try to incorporate dress and pants every now and then.  Same with hats.  We are not big hat wearers but style them occasionally.  

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

color for Spring

Make sure you add some color to your wardrobe for Spring.  They add happiness and a playfulness to your look.  Think radiant reds, brilliant blues, tranquil teals, perky pinks and glowing greens.  Don't these colors just make you smile??  If the super brights aren't for you, stick to the subdued, peaceful versions of these colors.  They will still add a pop to your closet after a long winter.

Pantone's Top 10 Colors for Spring 2016:
1. Buttercup (happy, sunny)
2. Fiesta (excitement, free-spirited)
3. Green Flash (unique, openness, unexpectedness)
4. Iced Coffee (earthy, soft, subtle, stable)
5. Lilac Grey (neutral but edgy)
6. Limpet Shell (fresh, crisp, modern)
7. Peach Echo (friendly, warm)
8. Rose Quartz (gentle, lighthearted)
9. Serenity (calming, trusting)
10. Snorkel Blue (relaxing)

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Color block Stripes + Link Up

I've always been a fan of a great silk blouse.  This colorful, wide stripe beauty has to be my favorite so far.

I wore this outfit this past weekend while we were in Charleston, SC.  The bright colored, wide stripes were perfect for that city, known for its' fun rainbow colored homes.  I love how the stripes gradually get darker towards the bottom of the blouse.  It's a silky material with pleats under the front pockets and on the back to add a little feminine flair.  

We had a fun time in Charleston this weekend. We were there for my son's soccer tournament but it was also a fun family getaway.  Carter's team ended up coming in 2nd place, they played great in all 4 of their games, just could't pull it out in the end.  

Blouse: Anthropologie (comes in 3 other patterns) // Jeans: AG // Heels: similar here // Tote: Nordstrom // Watch: Fossil, also here // Ring: Baublebar


This week's feature blogger is Lauren from From Earth to Style.  We love her all neutral look, especially that gorgeous herringbone scarf.  It looks so soft and warm.  Be sure to check out her blog, she recently took an amazing trip over seas and the pictures are beautiful.  


Here's today's link up.

Monday, February 22, 2016

Trending: Bomber Jackets

Street style is still holding strong as a popular trend.  From athleisure wear to touches of girliness with embroidery and silky textures mixed with a rugged sporty silhouette - there are so many options.  One of my favorite trends is the bomber jacket.

Saturday, February 20, 2016

seven on Saturday

1. I saw this midi dress while browsing online the other day.  It is a flowing floral dream.

2. I adore turquoise jewelry for Summer.  This tassel necklace is a beautiful statement maker!

3.  I bought a pair of blush colored bow ballet flats a few years ago and wore them ALL the time!  They were the perfect color.  I've been looking for a replacement pair and finally found them here!

4. Stripes are always perfect in my book.  This clutch will go with everything this Spring and Summer!

5. I wear nail polish all the time.  Lately, my nails have become dry and started peeling.  This Repair Coat is just what I need!

6. Have you seen the new sunglasses at J. Crew?  Adorable!  My favorite and top of my wish list is the Ryan in blush.  

7. As Spring arrives, I'm always looking for ways to update our outdoor living area.  A fresh new doormat that can be personalized is just right!!

Friday, February 19, 2016

Peplum Crazy

A girly peplum top mixed with distressed boyfriend jeans creates a perfect combo!!

Thursday, February 18, 2016

'In A Blog' series: #4 - How to Increase your Instagram Following

Social Media!

It's amazing how Social Media has taken off!  If you want to grow your blog/business, you need to utilize the social media channels.  Our favorite is Instagram.  It's so easy to get sucked in and look through countless beautiful Instagram feeds.  Fashion, food, decor, travels, ... it's all there.

Over our first year of blogging, we have come to learn figure out a lot about how Instagram works and how to increase your following.  As with any blogger/business, the desire to grow is always there.  While we are not experts (who is really!?) and don't know all the secrets to it, these are some tips that have worked for us so far.  

Post regularly and a lot. 
You need to post to Instagram daily.  Ideally, we like to post 3-4 pictures throughout the day to hit a variety of viewers.  Changing up the time of day you post can be beneficial.  

Create a consistent look to your feed.  Some people use specific filters/coloring.  Our style is pretty colorful but we tend to go through cycles of consistent color schemes like pink, blues, neutrals, etc.  We try to make it flow by adding in pictures of flowers, coffee pics, layouts, etc.  Some type of picture to break up the "outfit" posts.

These are fantastic ways to draw attention to your feed.  However, not all followers will end up being genuine followers.  You'll loose a good number once a giveaway ends, but the ones that stick around are wanting to connect with your feed and see more of what you have to offer.  Be careful not to do too many giveaways.  People might think that's the main focus of your feed and loose interest.  We've been doing 1-2 a month lately.

"Follow Friday" Groups.  
This is a great way to get your name into new circles.  By connecting with other bloggers/businesses that have the same overall look that you do, you can meet and connect with new followers.

Comment, Comment, Comment.  
Get your name out there by making thoughtful and genuine comments on other instagram posts.  This is very similar to what we mentioned in our "In A Blog" Series #2 post on how to increase your blog following.  Same applies here.  The more people who see your blog name, the better!  It just takes someone clicking on your comment, doing a quick glance through your instagram feed and they could be a new follower!

Reply to all comments on your pictures.  
Thank people for their kind words, answer questions, give them a lead in with what's to come.  All these are perfect ways to connect and make relationships with your followers.  They want to know that you are genuine and care about what you are doing.

Instagram followers use hashtags to quickly search for a particular theme.  Hashtags help to organize and categorize images within Instagram.  Using too many hashtags or using hashtags that don't really fit your picture can hurt you.  Use industry related hashtags, such as #fashionblogger or #bloggerstyle.  Try not to use the most popular hashtags, like #love.  Your picture will get buried in the #love pictures.  Its recommended to use 5-10, but not more than 15.  We usually post a second comment with our hashtags so that they don't interfere with our picture description.

Do you use Instagram?  What are your favorite tips to increase your following?

Wednesday, February 17, 2016


Just perfect for Spring.

Stripes are that pattern that can be paired with just about everything in your closet.  They also seem to never go out of style.  

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Floral Print Dress + Link Up

Another winter floral print dress.

I just can't seem to stop wearing floral dresses lately.  Remember this dress?  I still love it!  

But this dress is just as fabulous.  I can't get over the long sleeves and high neck, I think they are what make this dress so special.  I can rock it with tights and booties now and then with a simple wedge or sandal this Spring.  

So which did you watch last night?  The Bachelor? or The Grammy's?  
I watched The Grammy's.  Confession...I don't watch The Bachelor.  I'm probably one of the only bloggers who doesn't, but it's just not my thing.  The Grammy's were really good.  How about that tribute to Lionel Richie?  So good, the songs from my youth!!!  What was your favorite performance?

Dress: Lord & Taylor, (blouse & tank) similar here and here // Tights: Target // Boots: last year, similar here // Tote: Forever 21 // Watch: Fossil, also here // Earrings: Baublebar (on sale for $28) // Ring: Baublebar

This week's feature blogger is Alecz from For Seven Seasons.  Her blog shows women how professional clothing can be "affordable, fun and classy".  We love this look of girly florals paired with the denim jacket!  Make sure you check out her blog for other great inspiration.


Here's todays link up:

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