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Wednesday, February 24, 2016

color for Spring

Make sure you add some color to your wardrobe for Spring.  They add happiness and a playfulness to your look.  Think radiant reds, brilliant blues, tranquil teals, perky pinks and glowing greens.  Don't these colors just make you smile??  If the super brights aren't for you, stick to the subdued, peaceful versions of these colors.  They will still add a pop to your closet after a long winter.

Pantone's Top 10 Colors for Spring 2016:
1. Buttercup (happy, sunny)
2. Fiesta (excitement, free-spirited)
3. Green Flash (unique, openness, unexpectedness)
4. Iced Coffee (earthy, soft, subtle, stable)
5. Lilac Grey (neutral but edgy)
6. Limpet Shell (fresh, crisp, modern)
7. Peach Echo (friendly, warm)
8. Rose Quartz (gentle, lighthearted)
9. Serenity (calming, trusting)
10. Snorkel Blue (relaxing)


  1. I love that you touched on all these gorgeous colors!! I just bought a pair of Bauble Bar earrings. Going to be a bright and fun Spring!! ;-)

    1. Yes the colors for Spring are really fun!! What earrings did you get? They have so many cute ones!

  2. Oh ill take one of each please so cute!

    1. Yes, but i think the off the shoulder top is my fav!! I love the pattern and the color :)


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