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Thursday, February 18, 2016

'In A Blog' series: #4 - How to Increase your Instagram Following

Social Media!

It's amazing how Social Media has taken off!  If you want to grow your blog/business, you need to utilize the social media channels.  Our favorite is Instagram.  It's so easy to get sucked in and look through countless beautiful Instagram feeds.  Fashion, food, decor, travels, ... it's all there.

Over our first year of blogging, we have come to learn figure out a lot about how Instagram works and how to increase your following.  As with any blogger/business, the desire to grow is always there.  While we are not experts (who is really!?) and don't know all the secrets to it, these are some tips that have worked for us so far.  

Post regularly and a lot. 
You need to post to Instagram daily.  Ideally, we like to post 3-4 pictures throughout the day to hit a variety of viewers.  Changing up the time of day you post can be beneficial.  

Create a consistent look to your feed.  Some people use specific filters/coloring.  Our style is pretty colorful but we tend to go through cycles of consistent color schemes like pink, blues, neutrals, etc.  We try to make it flow by adding in pictures of flowers, coffee pics, layouts, etc.  Some type of picture to break up the "outfit" posts.

These are fantastic ways to draw attention to your feed.  However, not all followers will end up being genuine followers.  You'll loose a good number once a giveaway ends, but the ones that stick around are wanting to connect with your feed and see more of what you have to offer.  Be careful not to do too many giveaways.  People might think that's the main focus of your feed and loose interest.  We've been doing 1-2 a month lately.

"Follow Friday" Groups.  
This is a great way to get your name into new circles.  By connecting with other bloggers/businesses that have the same overall look that you do, you can meet and connect with new followers.

Comment, Comment, Comment.  
Get your name out there by making thoughtful and genuine comments on other instagram posts.  This is very similar to what we mentioned in our "In A Blog" Series #2 post on how to increase your blog following.  Same applies here.  The more people who see your blog name, the better!  It just takes someone clicking on your comment, doing a quick glance through your instagram feed and they could be a new follower!

Reply to all comments on your pictures.  
Thank people for their kind words, answer questions, give them a lead in with what's to come.  All these are perfect ways to connect and make relationships with your followers.  They want to know that you are genuine and care about what you are doing.

Instagram followers use hashtags to quickly search for a particular theme.  Hashtags help to organize and categorize images within Instagram.  Using too many hashtags or using hashtags that don't really fit your picture can hurt you.  Use industry related hashtags, such as #fashionblogger or #bloggerstyle.  Try not to use the most popular hashtags, like #love.  Your picture will get buried in the #love pictures.  Its recommended to use 5-10, but not more than 15.  We usually post a second comment with our hashtags so that they don't interfere with our picture description.

Do you use Instagram?  What are your favorite tips to increase your following?


  1. Great post! Love y'alls blog! :)

    ig: @kimcasemyers

  2. Love this!! I only recently really started engaging with my Insta followers and it has helped I think!!

  3. Great suggestions! I really have seen a large increase with giveaways and with participating in the style challenge #.

  4. Great tips ladies! I personally like giveaways and commenting to increase my following. Building relationships is what it's all about :)

    Stylista Fitness

  5. Great tips girls! I tend to find that giveaways have a lot of fake account followers who don't comment or like photos much. Thoughts? Hope you can stop by my Weekend Wear Fridays linkup and share your style and stories.

    xo Sheree
    IG: @poshclassymom

  6. Great tips - I do love the interaction on IG and "meeting" so many people.

    Thank you for joining TBT Fashion link up and hope to see you next week.


  7. These are all awesome ideas. Especially the give aways.



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