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Saturday, March 26, 2016

Seven on Saturday

1.  What do you all think of the overall trend happening now?  I'm kinda liking it!  I think there are so many really adorable options out there.  I can't decide between these shorts or this dress?!

2.  I just ordered these sneakers in black for an upcoming trip we have.  I think the peach color is beautiful for Spring/Summer.

3.  How cute is this striped midi skirt?!  So great for Spring/Summer.  And it's on sale for only $40!

4.  A super cute, bright colored Summer tote is here.  It'll work for your everyday look, not just the pool.  I just ordered it for me!!

5.  An easy swing dress just perfect for Spring and Summer.  It comes in 7 colors and it's on sale!  This makes getting ready easy!

6.  We adore wedge shoes.  They are easy to walk in while giving the added height.  How cute are these flat platform sandals!!  So cute and available in 8 colors.  Love the gold and bright blue!

7.  This is my newest blush!  The packaging is too cute, but the trio of colors is really pretty on.   There are 3 shade sets.  I got Candy Glow.


  1. Those red platform sandals are super cute! Per usual love your picks!


  2. Gotta be honest, I'm not a fan of the overall trend, at least for me. It's cute on some people but I already look young that I feel like it would look comical on me haha.


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