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Thursday, May 19, 2016

Tips to better sleep

Did you know that May is 'Better Sleep Month'? 

 Below are the 8 most common sleep problems.  Do you suffer from any of these?  
Honestly, most nights I'm so exhausted by time I get in to bed, I fall asleep within just a few minutes.  My husband always jokes at how quick I can fall asleep.  However, there are those random nights, when getting to sleep is difficult.  Below, we list the 3 that affect us the most and give tips on how we overcome them.

1.  Set up a night time ritual that helps you relax and unwind from the long day.  We aren't bath taking girls, but a lot of people swear by a relaxing warm bath before they crawl into bed.   My husband is one of those people.  He loves taking a relaxing bath, sometimes adding a scented bath salt.  Try dimming the lights, or turning off some of the excess noise in the house.  

2.  I also believe in the use of essential oils.  I think they really do work for ones emotional state and physical well-being.   Every night we diffuse oils in our diffusers (in my room and the kids rooms).  I use both Lavender and Cedarwood for calming.  I also apply these 2 and a couple others to my neck and feet before crawling into bed.   The diffuser we use can be found here.  You can read my original post on essential oils here!!

1.  Turn off the TV, put your phone on the night stand and find a great book to read.  For me, crawling in bed at night to read ranks right up there with that first sip of coffee in the morning.  It's something I truly look forward to, a treat!  Reading before you fall asleep is a great way to relax and free your mind.

2.   Exercise.  Even light exercise will help you burn energy during the day.  If you sit around all day at your desk, then sit on the couch watching TV in the evening, you probably won't be tired when it's time to crawl into bed.  We don't usually have this problem.  As busy wives and mothers, it's go-go-go all day long!  

1.  As hard as it is, we really try to stay on our weekday schedule during the weekend.  We might sleep in a touch, maybe 1 hr, but not much more.  Staying up late and then sleeping in late, really throws off your internal clock.  So come Sunday night you aren't tired when it's time for you to go to bed, making Monday morning rough.  

2.   Also, try to avoid those amazing Sunday afternoon naps.  I remember as a child falling asleep on the couch as my dad watched football or golf (boring to a young girl!).  Even now I love a good nap every once in awhile, but it'll mess up your sleep routine that night.  Just like we wouldn't let our toddler take a 3 hour nap late in the afternoon, we shouldn't either!

At Casper, they have researched sleep and have come up with a mattress, sheets and pillow to help you get the best nights sleep possible.  The mattress is just the right amount of spring and memory foam, the sheets are premium cotton, and the pillow is designed for all sleeping positions and stays cool!!  Check them out to help you get better sleep each night.



  1. Thanks for sharing these great tips! I've always had difficulty sleeping and started using more essential oils this year, and I think they really help!

  2. Like you, my husband comments on how quickly I fall asleep while he suffers from insomnia. Thank you for your ideas, I'll be encouraging him to try some of these!

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