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Thursday, August 11, 2016

Travel Tips with Vera Bradley

I am guilty of always over packing.  The one thing I love about road trips is that I really can take everything!!  And boy do we pack the car to the the brim!!  I pack anything and everything I think I'll need while away from home.  And of course, most of it never gets used or worn, but I'm prepared.  I don't think I'll ever be able to stop overpacking, and honestly, I don't really have any desire to!!!

But for the trips we take where we fly, it's necessary to tone down my packing a bit.  We are leaving today for a super fun getaway.  (Follow us on Instagram  and Snapchat {twopeasinablog} to see what we're doing)  I thought I'd share some secrets as I packed to get ready!  

I start by only taking jewelry that can be mixed and matched and really worn with any look.  I leave my big statement pieces and opt for simple and classic.  The hanging organizer (in art poppies) is how I pack my jewelry to keep it separated and safe.  It's a great way to pack it all.  This one is another great jewelry organizer.

When it comes to shoes, I do the same.  I take shoes that can be worn with multiple looks.  I usually pack a pair of sneakers for walking and exploring, a pair of sandals or flip flops (for warm weather) that can be used with casual looks, around the hotel or to the pool/beach, and then a dressier shoe, like a nude wedge that I know will look good with jeans, shorts or a dress for dinner out.

This get carried away tote (in paisley in paradise) is perfect for a carry on tote and to use throughout the trip.  It easily holds my laptop, book, camera and everything else I pack in my carry on.  I plan on using it throughout my this vacation on our daily excursions!  It has pockets on the outside and the inside to keep everything organized. 

I also always pack a couple different purses, all different styles and functions.  I carry a tote on the plane.  It's usually the biggest purse I take, so I don't want to take up that space in my suitcase, plus it can hold a lot.  Then I pack a clutch for the evenings and a crossbody that can be used during the day.  This crossbody is perfect for exploring.  It is lightweight and can hold a lot.  It has a front pocket to store things you need to get to quickly, like your phone or keys.

How do you travel?  Do you pack it all or just the bare minimum?  I'd love to hear any of your secrets in the comments below!!

Crossbody c/o // Tote c/o // Hanging Organizer c/o // Jeans // similar Sweater 


  1. That carry on looks like a great size and so pretty! I'm trying to become an efficient packer, but it's hard. We just came back from a 3 week family trip to Europe and I think I packed pretty well considering the different weather and activities. Hope you have a fun trip!

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