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Thursday, September 29, 2016

How to Warm up Your Home for Fall

Fall is my favorite season!!  I love adding little touches that make our house feel warm and cozy!

1.  Wood Tray

I switched out my silver mirrored tray for a warmer wood tray.  It really makes the room feel cozier!  I found this tray at Home Goods recently, but I've linked some other great options below.

Pineapple // Coasters, similar here // White Vases

Wood Trays:

2. Candles 

Instant good vibes!!  There's nothing better than lighting a great smelling candle in the Fall!  The smells of cinnamon, vanilla, apples, pumpkin...are just so good!  The candle glow adds an instant warmth and coziness to the room, especially at night.

Other Great Candles:

3. Pillows & Throws

We just started to get a slight chill to our evenings and mornings.  A warm, cozy blanket is a must for  snuggling on the sofa or just for creating a cozy vibe in the room.  Also, adding fur throw pillows instantly makes the room feel warm and cozy.  

More Blankets:

More Faux Fur Pillows:

4. Scarves & Hats

Want to take that feeling of the warm blanket with you all day?  Add a blanket scarf to your outfit!

Floppy Hats:

Blanket Scarves:

5. Pumpkins

I love adding small white pumpkins throughout the house.  I tuck them on the built-ins, on our entry way table, the coffee tables, anywhere!  My pumpkins are real, but you can also by ceramic ones to use year after year!

Gold Elephant, similar here and here



  1. These are all really good ideas--I love that they're all small things you can do that won't cost a ton. I've been burning a candle every night, but I'd also like to buy a few new cozy blankets and some pumpkins to place throughout my house!
    Shea |

  2. Love your pictures - perfect ways to warm up a home for fall!

  3. Such beautiful shots of your home. I love the idea of switching out the tray! Love those textured blankets and pillows.

  4. Thank you for discussing this great post.


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