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Thursday, November 3, 2016

5 Beautiful Thanksgiving Table Ideas

We can't believe November is here and Thanksgiving is only a few weeks away.  

One of the things we love most about Thanksgiving is being able to sit down to share a beautiful meal with the ones we love.  Over the years we've done Thanksgiving with friends, with family, at the beach and at home.  This year we are so excited because for the first time since being married with our own families, we are celebrating this Holiday together.  Katey is hosting the whole family at her house.  

1. Pumpkin Centerpieces

Pumpkins are easy to find and make the perfect base to a centerpiece.  The white pumpkins are our favorites, they just look so classy and elegant while still being laid back and simple.  

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2. Wood Accents

We love the natural vibe the wood blocks give on these tables.  It's both rustic and elegant.  


3. Just add Plaid

Use your cozy plaid throw or large blanket scarf as a tablecloth to give a laid-back look to your Thanksgiving table.  It adds great color and keeps the look relaxed.

4. Last minute Ideas

For those that don't have a lot of time, these are simple table looks that can be thrown together at the last minute.  Grab your pumpkins and some greenery from your yard.  Add some extra color by spray painting your pumpkins to match your decor.  Use clementines for a cute and fresh look.

5. Go Fancy

How stunning is the gold with black stripes!?  And the metallic silver?!  If you like a fancier Thanksgiving table, we love metallic touches!



  1. Love these festive decorations especially the plaid

  2. Love love love these decor ideas! I am def going to use them for inspiration

    Life is just Rosie


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