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Thursday, November 10, 2016

Get Ready for the Holidays with at-home Teeth Whitening

What's one thing you get nervous about when talking to people or seeing yourself in pictures?  For me, it's having clean, white teeth.  I've been whitening my teeth at home on and off for some time now.  I've used white strips, 5-minute whitening toothpaste and a whitening mouthwash that I got from the drug store.  While they worked a little, I still felt unsatisfied and felt I needed a whitening boost.
When I came across Smile Brilliant I was so excited to give it a try.  

Funny story - I went to the dentist last week for my usual teeth cleaning.  The first thing the hygenist commented on was how white my teeth are.  She even asked what I was using to get them so white! 

Smile Brilliant really does whiten teeth!  What helps get them so white?  By taking a mold of your teeth and using trays that fit perfectly, the whitening gel can reach all around your teeth.  For more information on how the trays work, check out this information.  

The process is easy and fast!  

You start by ordering your kit online at Smile Brilliant.  
In just a few days your kit arrives in the mail.  Included are the tray molds, catalyst and base putty, as well as the whitening gels and sensitivity gels to use once your trays come back.  

It takes less than 10 minutes to create your teeth molds.  By mixing the base and catalyst putty together you get a soft, light blue putty to fill the teeth molds.  The next step is a little uncomfortable but to get an exact tray mold, you have to keep the trays in your mouth for a couple of minutes.  I did one tray, took a quick break, then did the other.

After letting the molds sit overnight, you mail them back in the pre-paid envelope.

The best part is you can whiten your teeth any time of day.  I work part-time, so it works best for me to whiten my teeth in the afternoon, while at home doing blog work, working around the house, or playing with the kiddos.  I wear them for about 45 minutes each time.

I haven't experienced any sensitivity at all so I have not needed to use the de-sensitizing gels.  However, I've read that they work wonders.  If you've had problems with teeth sensitivity in the past, this is a fabulous feature to this whitening kit.

                      Want to see more about the process?  Check out this quick YouTube Video.                                                                                                
Before and After

I have been using whitening products for quite some time so I started with fairly white teeth.  However, like I mentioned above, I was hoping for a brighter white.  I did notice a difference after using Smile Brilliant.  The above picture is my results after 6 uses.

I'm so excited about this product.  If you have been wanting to whiten your teeth, now is the perfect time as the Holiday season is here.  We are teaming up with Smile Brilliant to give away a teeth whitening kit!!  Click the link below to enter.

Smile Brilliant Giveaway

Professional Teeth Whitening

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