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Friday, November 4, 2016

My blanket scarf trick + 2 classic ways to tie a blanket scarf

Blanket scarves are a sure sign Fall and Winter are here.  They are literally everywhere you look! 

 They add an extra layer of warmth and they make great gifts for the Holidays.  Most people either love them or hate them.  I was actually a hater until I learned a little trick.  The problem I had with blanket scarves was just that they are too darn big.  By time you wrap them around your neck, you're swallowed up in it.  Then, my hair would get all tangled up in it, driving me nuts.  

You won't believe the trick I learned to make wearing blanket scarves easier!!!  

Cut the scarf in half!!  Yep!  It really works and makes them so much easier to wear.  For most styles, you fold the blanket scarf in half to begin with anyway.  So it makes sense to cut it in half to have less fabric.  Give the other half to a sister or friend!  They'll love it!!    

Here's how to do it.  This only works with the large square blanket scarves.

Step 1: Lay the scarf out flat.

Step 2:  Fold your blanket scarf into a triangle.

Step 3: Cut along the fold.  

I know it's hard to do.  And you'll probably hesitate, wondering if you're making a mistake.  But really, just do it!  You won't regret it.  And really, it's only a scarf, totally replaceable if you change your mind!!  But you won't.  So just cut it!  You don't even need to measure.  None of my cut scarves have frayed, but the other edges have fringe, so it would just blend in if it did.

Here are my 2 favorite ways to wear the popular blanket scarf.

1. The Classic

How to tie it:
1. Hold the scarf by the tails.
2. Drape it over your shoulders with the triangle point in the front.
3. Cross the tails behind your neck and bring them around to the front.

2.  The Front Knot

How to tie it:
1.  Start with the classic way to wear the scarf (see above).
2. Grab the tails.
3. Tie the tails in a simple knot.

Hope these tips help you become a blanket scarf lover too!!  Let me know.

Happy Friday!



  1. I would have never thought to cut the scarf in half. Great tip!

  2. OMG - how did I not know of this trick? You just made my week!!! Amazing post - thanks for sharing!!! I hope you have a fabulous weekend :)

    Sarah Bell

  3. I was thinking of doing this with my scarves because they are just soo big but I couldn't bring myself to do it. I know I need to, there's just too much fabric.
    I actually have another issue with my scarves. They have this fuzz stuff and it gets all over my clothes. I'm not sure what to do. Have you had this issue??

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