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Wednesday, January 11, 2017

4 Current Top Trends

Are you in a Winter rut?  Try one of these current new trends to shake up your style.

1.  Sneakers

If you haven't gotten on the sneaker trend yet, you really need to.  Not only are they making some really good looking sneakers, but they are incredibly comfortable.  People are wearing them with everything from athleisure looks to dresses.  Currently, the oatmeal color sneakers are huge!!  We have quite a few in our roundup.  

2.  Jean Jackets

These are a great layering piece for Winter, like under a fur vest or cardigan.  Come Spring they are the perfect light jacket.  There are so many options, from light to dark colors, embroidered, ruffled, sherpa lined... Check out our Instagram to see how I recently wore my jean jacket.

3.  Embroidered Floral

This is one pretty trend that we are excited for!  It just screams Spring.  But you can totally wear it now.  

4.  Beanie

This is totally a Winter trend, but a big one right now.  Everywhere you look, you see people wearing beanies.  They have become a Winter staple.  The beanies with pom poms are even hotter.  The fur poms are just so cute!!


  1. Beanies and sneakers are my obsession! I really want to invest in the Adidas superstars

  2. Beanies are my favorite right now!!! So cute and so cozy for the winter months.


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