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Thursday, February 2, 2017

Meet our new puppy + Adorable Dog Items!

I'm stepping away from our typical fashion post today so that I can give a proper introduction to the newest little lady in our family.

Meet Maggie, our sheepadoodle puppy.

We lost our 16 year old chocolate lab, Bailey, in the Fall.  She was our first fur love and we miss her terribly every day.  Once our hearts started to heal, we felt the emptiness in our home.  For all you dog owners out there, you know how much a dog adds to the home and family.  So we decided it was time for another fur baby.  The kids were super excited to get a puppy.   

My husband grew up with an Old English Sheep dog (Spunky) and he has so many wonderful memories of that dog.  We loved the breed but didn't want all the shedding, so we decided on the sheepadoodle, sheep dog/poodle mix.  Hypoallergenic and little to no shedding!!  Yes.  Our lab was a shedder, hair everywhere!

After a long list of possible names, we decided on Maggie, the only name we could all agree on.  But she already has a handfull of nicknames.  Maggie-Poo...Mags...Mag-arita...My husband is the best at giving nicknames!

She's 14 pounds of fluff and fur now, but will grow to about 65-75 pounds.  We love big dogs, so the bigger the better!!  Maggie's a cuddle bug who can't get 'close' enough to us.  She's definately my little shadow.  She loves chasing leaves, chewing on sticks, eating chicken and giving puppy kisses!!! 

I know you'll be seeing her more on our Instagram and Snapchat, so get ready!! :)

Top is old, similar herehere and here // Jeans (my favorite) // Sneakers // Watch



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