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Saturday, May 6, 2017

Seven on Saturday + Three Random Happenings


1.  I have been looking for a new kitchen table for about 6 months now.  I can't decide.  It's becoming a problem! Has to be round, 54", 5 chairs.  Then I get stuck.  

2.  School gets out in 2.5 weeks!  Yipppee!  Then it's crazy schedules with sports and long days at the pool.  Can you believe I haven't bought 1 swimsuit yet this year!?  I need to get going before they're gone.  This is the swimsuit I got last year.  I have it in white and it was definitely my most worn suit!  You can change the straps a couple ways or I would tie them around my chest to make it strapless.  It's pricier than I normally spend on a suit but was so worth it!

3.  Have you watched 'Breaking Bad' on Netflix?  My husband and I are addicted.  The first few episodes, I wasn't so sure it was a show I'd like.  Now, I'm hooked.  

Happy Weekend!

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