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Saturday, June 17, 2017

Seven on Saturday + 3 Random Thoughts



1. I just saw that this retailer is up to 50% off everything!  Wow!  Dresses are 50% off.  These jersey swing dresses are so comfortable and come in so many colors/stripes.  I have a couple of these. This bright yellow dress is so cute! And this tie shoulder dress is Summer perfection.

2.  My husband has been playing in our club's member/guest golf tournament this past week.  Tonight is the couple's dinner which is always a blast.  I think I'm wearing this ruffle back dress tonight.  It's currently 40% off.  

3.  A Facebook group we are a part of is run by Jennifer Reed of the blog, The Sister Studio.  She mentioned a hair growth method that I just started.  Take a small spray water bottle, fill it with 2-3 squirts of monistat 7 cream, add in warm water.  Shake to mix.  At night, spray on roots of your hair.  Then wash as normal in the morning.  Sounds crazy but her results are really good.  Worth a try - trying to get my hair longer.  I'm only 5 days in.  I'll share my results after a month or so.  Here is the Facebook group: TSS: Beauty + Style.  


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