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Monday, August 7, 2017

Embroidered dress + 40 random things about us

A fabulous embroidered dress and a chic handbag are the perfect combination.  This hobo bag comes in 5 colors and has the prettiest gold accent detail.  

I know this post is dating us, but one thing we pride ourselves on is being completely honest with you all.  We only share products and clothing pieces we truly love.  So being honest with how old we are is a no-brainer.
Today is our 40th birthday!  Yikes, that was hard to type.  Do we feel 40? No.  

Isn't 40 the new 30?  Seriously.  Growing up, 40 seemed so crazy old.  

In honor of our Birthday, we thought it would be fun to share 40 random things about ourselves!


1- I am afraid of flying.  As a mom, I act brave.  But inside I'm not!
2 - I prefer writing with a pencil over a pen.
3 - I dislike lunch foods and tend to just eat a couple small snacks.
4 - I drink 3 cups of coffee every morning.  #dontjudge
5 - I hated coffee until our first was born and I was exhausted.
6 - I don't like swimming under water.
7 - I'm addicted to gum.
8 - My major in college was Dietetics.
9 - I was an elementary school teacher before having kids.  
10 - After staying home with the kids for 8 years, I now work part-time as a Preschool Assistant Director.
11 - As newlyweds we played paper-rock-scissors at a bar to see if we should start trying to get pregnant.  Pretty much the one and only time I won!  13 months after getting married, our first was born.
12 - I enjoy a glass or two of wine every night.  Specifically Pinot Noir.
13 - I'm extremely claustrophobic.
14 - HGTV is my favorite channel to watch.
15 - I love spicy foods and have been known to add hot sauce to just about anything.  
16 - Burpees are my favorite exercise.
17 - My favorite candle scent is cinnamon.
18 - Slow drivers make me crazy.
19 - All 3 of my kids names start with the letter D.
20 - Our normal dinner time is usually around 8 - crazy kid sport schedules!


1 - I am a huge dog lover.  I have to say hi and pet any dog I see!!
2 - First thing I do every morning, after letting the dog out, is make my coffee.
3 - I have 2 cups of coffee every morning, and 1 cup in the afternoon.
4 - I get car sick easily.  Actually, plane sick and boat sick too!
5 - My college degree is in Dietetics (same as Katey's).  I've never used it.  I've always been the office manager for my husband's dental practice.  
6 - Yes, we work together everyday and I love it.
7 - I met my husband in college while taking Summer classes.  The best Summer ever!!
8 - I love playing board games and card games.  Family game night is a thing in our house.  My favorite game right now is a marbles game my in-laws taught us.
9 - My sister is one of my best friends, hence why we do this blog together.
10 - I don't get the fascination with Halloween.  I hate wearing costumes and don't like the gory decorations.
11 - My middle name is Layne, a family name, and I love it.  It's my mom's and my daughter's middle name too!!
12 - Spring and Fall are my favorite Seasons, not too hot or too cold.
13 - I don't need contacts or glasses.  Perfect vision!!
14 - I love people who have a great laugh.  If that's you, we should be friends!!
15 - I choose sweets over salty any day!!
16 - I'm not allergic to anything (that I know of)
17 - I have naturally curly hair, but haven't worn it natural in years.
18 - I suffer from anxiety.
19 - I always have fresh flowers around the house.  
20 - I love a good margarita!!  On the rocks with salt.

We have mentioned Urban Expressions before.  It's one of our favorite handbag companies.  All their bags are vegan and animal friendly.  They have so many styles that are right on trend and at an affordable price!  Be sure to use code UE25FPF42 for a discount.  

Embroidered dress // Booties last year, very similar here, cute peep toe option here // Black Sunglasses // Crossover Ring // Handbag, exact bag here - use discount code UE25FPF42



  1. Loved reading about you both! We should totally be friends, I've got things in common with both of you! I prefer a pencil over a pen, drink coffee and wine (Pinot Noir during the Fall/Winter, Sauvignon Blanc when it's hot), I get motion sick easily as well. Even watching a movie can make me feel 🤢. I'm a dog lover too, will talk to more dogs than people if given the chance. Thank you so much for sharing and Happiest of Birthdays! Welcome to the 40's club!

    1. Awww! So many similarities! Let's definitely be friends! You are so sweet!
      Enjoying my wine currently as I type! hehe

  2. I'm addicted to gum as well and hate swimming under water

    1. So fun! I love reading all these info posts about people!!


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