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Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Take care of your face with Colleen Rothschild

I love starting and ending the day by pampering my skin. 

In my teens and 20s I really didn't think too much about my face and skin.  Sure I washed my makeup off every night and used a moisturizer, but I never worried or thought about wrinkles and the overall health of my face.  My 40 year old self wished I had.  

Maybe it was the times back then.  I mean, it was the era when tanning beds were a huge thing and we all know now how horrible those are for us and our skin.  I've learned a lot over the years and definitely do all that I can to take care of my face and skin now.  From using sunscreen and avoiding the sun to how I cleanse and moisturize my face. 

I was introduced to an amazing company while at the rewardStyle conference in Dallas in the Spring.  Colleen Rothschild is a skincare line that has it all.  It's luxurious, smells and feels amazing and provides results!  They offer a huge range of products, but these are my 5 favorites that I use daily. 

The Best Sellers are currently 25% off now through 8-20 so it's a great time to try these for yourself.

I use this at night.  It helps diminish dark circles, puffiness, fine lines and wrinkles.  Yep, I have them all!!  

I use this morning and night on my face and neck.  It's amazing!  Probably my favorite of all 5.  It really hydrates without being greasy or heavy and leaves a slight powder finish so it's perfect for under makeup. 

I use this at night after washing my face.  This is the newest addition to my routine.  I was a little skeptical at first adding an oil to my face.  You'd think it would make your face greasy, but it doesn't.  I use this before the Sheer Renewal Cream and when I wake up in the morning my face is so incredibly smooth and hydrated.  You have to try this combo!!

I use this at night after removing my eye makeup.  You can use it to remove all your makeup, but I usually remove my stubborn eyeliner and mascara first, then use this to remove any remaining makeup and really cleanse my face.  This balm smells amazing and is so silky.  You won't believe how soft your face feels after using this.

How gorgeous is this matte black candle?!  And it smells so good.  I have the Roisin scent (earthy rose scent) but it also comes in the Hygge scent (warm woodsy scent).  These candles look so pretty on a counter or vanity.  

Lounge Pants (5 colors and super soft) // Cami (3 colors) // Bracelets c/o // Ring



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