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Saturday, September 16, 2017

Seven on Saturday + 3 Random Thoughts/Sales

So many great finds to share with you all this week.  Of course they are Fall inspired because who doesn't love Fall and the changing seasons?!  Most of these items we bought for ourselves, so you'll be seeing them here on the blog soon or on Instagram.  


1.  I received some cold brew coffee from Cold Brewers Coffee which is local here in Columbus, OH.  I'm so intrigued to try it!  You start with whole coffee beans, grind them, let them step in water, then strain.  It can then stay fresh in the fridge for like 2 weeks.  I've never made a cold brew coffee at home before.  Have you?  I'll let you know how it is!

2.  We desperately need new pillows on our bed.  Most mornings I wake up with a headache and my husband tends to have neck aches.  (We're a mess! hehe)  It's so hard to find the perfect pillow.  Sure they feel good in the store, but not once you sleep on them at home.  And they can be pricy.  Any thoughts on your favorite pillows?

3.  There are a lot of great sales going on this weekend!  Many of the sales have items that will be perfect for transitioning to Fall and some even on new Fall items!  Here are a few of our favorite sites:
ANTHROPOLOGIE - 20% off regular priced items!  Amazing!
LOFT - Up to 50% off Fall favorites
BANANA REPUBLIC - Shirts, blouses, & sweaters starting at $40
OLD NAVY - Up to 50% storewide
EXPRESS - BOGO 50% off!


  1. So many fun finds! Fall is hands down my favorite season. It's starting to be cooler in the evening and morning, so I'm getting excited, lol!

    I'm a back sleeper, and I found my favorite pillow at Ikea. It's the Hampdan in firm. I keep it in a non-allergen zipper pillowcase under my regular pillowcase so it can't flatten out. I've had it for probably 3 years and take with with me anywhere I'm going to be sleeping.

    1. Teresa
      Thanks for the pillow info. For sure going to check that one out.


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