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Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Best of 2017 - A look back

It's incredible to think that another year has passed and we are now starting a new one.  We have to say that this year as a whole has been a good one for both of our families.  Yes there were ups and downs, but by far more good days than bad days.  We are blessed in so many ways personally and with this blogging profession.  Looking back at this time last year and at old posts, it's amazing to see how far we've come and how much we grown.

Instagram and Insta stories continued to explode this year!!  Naturally with this explosion, we put a lot of time and content there.  If you're not already following us there, be sure to (here).  It's the place where people seem to go first for inspiration.  And it's so fun to watch your favorite bloggers on Insta stories.  You can see them being real and relatable in their day-to-day life.

So as we plan and create new content for 2018, we took a look back at OUR top favorites of 2017 as well as YOUR favorites of last year.  Many of them were the same which is inspiring and let's us know we are bringing what you want to see.  Today's post is focused on what we loved from this past year.  Yes, most is fashion, but there are other items we found throughout the year that we want to share.

The ever-changing digital world keeps us on our toes and it will be exciting to see all the changes that occur this year.  The status of blogs (and whether people still read them) is one we keep a close watch on. We want to bring you posts that inform and are meaningful to you.  If there is ever a topic you'd like us to cover, please leave a comment or send us an email.

We are working on some content to incorporate more beauty, lifestyle and home as well as plenty of fashion.  The easiest way to always be up to date on our current fashion favorites and day-to-day outfits is to follow us in the Like To Know It App.  It's free and a fabulous all-in-one place to find everything we are wearing.  Of course, if Instagram isn't for you, you can always see all our daily outfits under the SHOP tab at the top of our blog.

So let's get to our 2017 favorites!

Favorite Shoes:
Each season brought a new favorite.

Spring - By far the most popular shoe in our closets last Spring was this wedge.  What makes it so great?  It's comfortable and literally goes with everything from jeans and shorts to dresses.  We are so happy that it's still available and comes in a few different styles.

Summer - Nothing says Summer like a perfect flip-flop.  This sandal is our all-time favorite.  Yes it's a little pricy, but we promise they are worth it.  Not only are they a great quality, they are dressier than a basic flip-flop and with the higher quality they last year after year.  Another favorite (and still is!) are slip on sneakers.  Comfortable and easy!  We love these year-round actually.

Fall - The favorite shoe this season kind of snuck up on us.  It was one we wouldn't have expected to be a favorite, but boy it sure was (and still is).  This loafer is only $25 and we love it!

Winter -  Winter season means booties!  The best bootie we found this season was this one.  It's still available in brown in a few sizes and in black.  The block heel and overall shape is super flattering and a great basic bootie.


Favorite Fashion Trend:
Fashion trends come and go but this trend was a favorite all year long.

I'm going to go ahead and speak for both of us...I think we could wear a ruffle everyday and never get tired of the style!!  They are just so cute and fun!  Every season this year, the stores were filled with ruffle pieces.  Dresses, tops, sweaters...we had to have them all.


Favorite Beauty:
We plan to add more beauty content to our blog and Instagram in 2018 (we're thinking of a couple videos as well!), but in 2017 we found some amazing products that are going to be hard to beat.

This primer is not only affordable, but it does an amazing job of prepping your face for your makeup.  In 2017 it replaced my more expensive favorite from the year before, this one.

2017 was also a year for us to find a new foundation.  We were both looking for one with more coverage and longer wear.  This one does both and we LOVE it!

Tarte eyeshadows were our #1 type of eyeshadow in 2017.  Great quality and lasting color make it our favorite.

We started using this eyelash primer in 2017 and wow, what a difference it makes when applying your mascara.

The hair struggles were real in 2017.  We are both trying to conquer different problems and this hair trauma treatment has worked wonders so far.

You can read our beauty posts from 2017 here and here.



  1. What a great list of favorites! I’ve got several of these items as well, and I hope they make reappearances in 2018.

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