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Friday, January 5, 2018

Classic Winter Outfit

Fair isle is a classic in Winter!!  I love the colorful prints and patterns!  And so many are oversized and made to keep you cozy and warm.

Yesterday we got maybe 1in of snow.  So of course the town shut down.  Schools were closed, many offices closed or started late.  It's crazy how the South is not prepared to handle snow.  We just don't get much in a year, so we don't have the means to clear it quickly.

Since my husband was home too, we decided to go to the movies.  We hardly ever go to the movies.  I guess our schedules just don't usually have huge 2+ hour windows open for a movie.   Also when we watch a movie at home,  I can "work" during the movie.  Multitasking...on my computer while watching the movie!!  

Moving on to this sweater!!  It was one of our most liked pictures when I first wore it on Instagram.  Sadly it's almost sold out, but I linked more options below.  I love fair isle, or colorful, sweaters in the Winter.  But for some reason, there aren't too many fair isle options in the stores right now.  The bright patterns and colors really help brighten up your look.  I love this sweater with it's bright pink (and it's on sale).  This sweater has a ton of color and pattern to it and is 40% off!!!  If you like a more subtle print, this one is really pretty!

I don't get many chances to pull out my favorite Hunter Boots, so of course I had to wear them yesterday in the snow!!!  I love how they are rugged enough to withstand the snow and wet conditions but still look sleek with whatever you're wearing!  I was excited to see that these tall boots are on sale, as well as the short version and shoe version!!  I've linked so many pretty and fun rain/snow boot options below too.  If you love a little sparkle, how fun are these glitter boots?!  And these boots with the added bow are adorable.  They come in 6 color options.   




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