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Saturday, April 21, 2018

Seven on Saturday - Sephora Beauty Edition

The much anticipated Sephora Beauty Insider Sale started yesterday, so we thought it would be fun to have this week's Seven on Saturday post be filled with some of our beauty favorites that are part of the sale!!


1.  Spring and Summer is a fun time to break out and try bright lipsticks!  We've heard so many great things about the Anastasia Liquid Lipstick.  I ordered shade Pure Hollywood which is supposed to be the perfect nude pink!!  But there are tons of color options.

2.  About a year ago we made the switch to this foundation and are so happy that we did!  It's super popular and for good reason.  It goes on full-coverage and lasts all day.  I'm in shade Fresco and Katey is Dusk.

3. Do you struggle with putting your eyeliner on?  You need to try the Stila Liquid Liner!!  It goes on so smooth and so easy.  No pulling on your eyelids.  It's dark black which I love because it helps blend in our false lashes! :)  And it lasts all day fading or running!

4.  Eyeshadows are my thing!  I have so many different palettes that I switch between.  But the pinks and plums (and a little copper) are my favs right now.  I love a darker eyeshadow combo with a light pink or nude lip!  This palette has beautiful shades!

5.  For a flawless foundation, I started using the Tarte bamboo brush (the smaller version here).  And love it!!

6.  Over the Winter we started using this Jo Malone perfume and it's still our go-to scent now into the Spring.  It's a warm scent but not overpowering at all!  

7.  To help your foundation stay all day without creasing (especially in the under eye area) the Laura Mercier powder is the best!!  It really does work and we highly recommend it!!

Have fun shopping the Sephora Beauty Insider Sale!!!

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