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Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Favorite Products for Our Face

Nowadays, we constantly hear how important it is to take care of our skin and face.  Use SPF, stay out of the sun, hydrate... Unfortunately in our younger days it really wasn't a thing.  We baked in the sun and tanning beds and really didn't protect our face and skin like we should've.  So now it's catch up time for us.  

We need products to really hydrate our skin, to help with aging, fighting wrinkles and just the overall appearance of our skin.  

We've been using Colleen Rothschild products for a couple years now and love them!  We can't say enough good things about them. 

And luckily, if you want to try (which you totally should) any of our favorites, they are now  20% off with code LABORDAY20.

CLEANSERS:  Before you can even start using our favorite oils and moisturizers, you have to have a clean face!!  It's so important to get all the makeup off and to really clean out those pores!!  That's one thing we've always done, even on really late nights out on the town.  We always wash our face before bed!!!  The radiant cleansing balm is so luxurious feeling and smells amazing!!  And of course, it gets off all that makeup!!

OILS: You wouldn't think face oils would be something you'd want to use...I mean no one wants an oily face!  But ladies, these help so much with hydration!!  I use either the oil No*9 or the retinol supreme night oil at night right after I wash my face and in the morning my face is so incredibly soft!! The age renewal super serum also really helps to hydrate over night.  I put this on on top of the oil.

MOISTURIZERS: These are the products we use both morning and night!!  Before our face primer and makeup and then at night over top the oils.  The sheer renewal cream is amazing!!  Probably the item I'd suggest if you were only going to try 1 product!!!  It has a light, almost powdery, finish so it is perfect for under makeup.  No greasy feeling.  And really helps boost the moisture at night when used with the face oils!!  Then of course, the complete eye cream!!  So good for those tired, puffy eyes.  It also helps with the fine lines that start creeping in around our eyes as we get older!!  We use this morning and night to really plump up that area!!  


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