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Friday, September 21, 2018

Native deodorant Q & A

Yesterday I shared all about my morning routine and why I switched to Native, a natural deodorant. 

On Instagram stories, I asked if any of you had questions.
The response of questions was huge!  So I thought the easiest way was to compile the questions and answers here for you.  

Does it work as well as conventional deodorants?

Yes.  It just works differently  It won't stop you from sweating by clogging your pores like traditional deodorants.  But it does prevent odors. 

What is the difference between regular and natural deodorants?

The main difference is in the ingredients.  Natural deodorants are aluminum free!  Native is made with simple ingredients such as coconut oil, shea butter, and baking soda.  

Does Native provide any anti-perspirant protection?  My concern is the sweating part.

The best part of Native is that it's aluminum free (as mentioned above).  Aluminum is what clogs your sweat pores to prevent wetness when sweating.  However, with this clogging, bacteria can arise which can cause odor.  
So - with a natural deodorant, your pores are clear and open and you can experience some wetness.  

I just started using it.  By 3-4pm I start to smell and have to reapply.  Is this normal?

I'd say yes.  If you just started using it, you could still be going through the detox phase.  
What does the detox phase mean?
You could be experiencing an increase in moisture.  As aluminum is no longer clogging your sweat glands, they may release fluids that were previously blocked.  
Odor - your sweat could be reacting with bacteria present and causing an odor.
This is just a phase.  Take your deodorant with you and reapply as needed for the first couple weeks.  You should start to feel an improvement.  It is definitely an adjustment and you have to get used to the feeling of actually sweating sometimes.  The natural deodorant really does help with odor though.  

Does Native leave a white mark?

When I apply in the morning, I do not see any white residue on my armpits or clothing.  

Does Native flake off?

I have not experienced any flaking or residue showing up on my clothing.  

Do you feel sticky when you sweat?

I don't feel sticky.  However, there is some getting used to.  You will sweat.  Which means if you sweat a lot, are working out, out in the heat, you might feel wet.  On a day to day basis, I really don't notice this.  However, you won't smell.  So no.  I never feel sticky.  Just a little wet sometimes.  

Do they have deodorants for men?

Yes!  The deodorants are made the same for women and men.  The only difference is the scents.  

Do you find that it works for a few days and then you have to take a break?

I have not had this problem.  I use it everyday and have not noticed it losing it's effectiveness.

What if I exercise?

Native deodorant is strong enough for whatever you are doing.  You will sweat though so you might feel wet.  

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