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Monday, October 15, 2018

Creating a Gallery Wall with Minted

The idea of creating a gallery wall can be overwhelming!  
What art pieces to choose? Spacing? Sizing?  
I was so excited to find out about Minted Art Styling - where a designer will help you choose artwork that fits your style for FREE. 
I already knew that Minted has the best, unique artwork selections.  Now - with free art styling, they make creating your own personal space so easy.  

It's so easy and FREE!  Just take a picture of your wall, text it to the Minted styling department.  You'll get matched with a stylist who will ask you a few questions (color palette, number of pieces, budget, your desired art styles, etc).  Your stylist will then pick a variety of pieces to share with you.  Give your feedback and if needed they will look for more pieces.  When you are happy with the items, they will be in your cart, ready for you to checkout.  

When creating my gallery wall, I wanted pieces that had meaning to our family.  My husband is in the financial business so the bull was absolutely perfect.  We have a large pond behind our house so a water picture was a must.  The large picture in the center is a gorgeous water sunset.  Ever since I've know my husband, we've vacationed to his family's Florida home every year.  The bottom picture of the beach and palm trees was a perfect match.  It's hard to see in this picture (scroll down to see another view) but the lower right picture is of the United States.  My husband is a huge history/Americana buff.  Side note - he challenged me to learn our presidents in order.  I got it!  Even our kiddos have learned it.  He has also taught them all the states and capitals.  We are currently working on teaching our 6 year old.  Anyway - the United States map was a no-brainer!

Their packaging is so good!  No worries about damaged art work.  

See!?  Each framed picture is carefully packaged and ready to be hung on the wall.

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