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Friday, May 3, 2019

Three random things this week + all your Dysport/Botox questions answered with Juvly

Three things this week:

1.  I made enchiladas last night.  Does your family like Mexican food?  I could eat it all the time!!  Anyway - I always make homemade enchilada sauce.  It's a MUST!  Seriously makes such a big difference.  Here is my favorite enchilada sauce recipe.  Try it and let me know what you think!

2.  Want to hear the truth?  My daughter (14 years old) picked out and bought this button front cami this past weekend.  I thought it was SO cute!  We are just about the same size so I borrowed it.  Button details are so popular right now and I love them here mixed with stripes.  What makes this cami so good are the adjustable straps.  It's available in a few stripe colors and 2 solid colors.  I (my daughter) has an xs.  

3. Bye bye wrinkles.  It's been a few months since going to Juvly Aesthetics for Dysport.  Goodness do I love visiting them.  I've been so happy with the change (aka disappearance) of my forehead wrinkles.  I'm sharing a code down below for a discount on your first dysport treatment at Juvly and answering the most popular questions I get asked.  

Outfit details:

If you've been a reader for a while, you know that Juvly Aesthetics is my go-to for all things aesthetic here in Columbus, OH.  
When I turned 40, I decided it was time to take care of those ever-deepening forehead wrinkles and smile lines around my eyes.  Being an expressive talker, I found that I was always raising my eyebrows, hence creating more wrinkles.  

The topic of botox/dysport is always a hot one.  And honestly, everyone needs to do what makes them feel comfortable and confident.  Whenever I share my experiences, I always get lots of questions.  I thought I'd answer some of the most asked questions below.  

Of course, you can always schedule a FREE CONSULTATION at Juvly to find what will work best for YOU!  Not in Columbus, OH?  No worries, Juvly has 11 locations that can be seen here.  

Be sure to use code: twopeasinablog25 for $25 off your first dysport visit.  

What age did you start?
I started getting dysport when I turned 40.  There were some pretty deep wrinkles in my forehead that were making me self-conscious.  I am SO happy with the results.  

I read it's a neurotoxin, does that concern you?
Yes it is a neurotoxin.  However, I've done my research and feel comfortable with getting Dysport.  It's used in such small concentrations.  Also - I highly recommend going to someone/place with a proven background in cosmetic medicine.

How many units do you get?  And where?
I get 120 units of Dysport.  I get it on my forehead and around my eyes.  The main focus is on my forehead as that is the area that concerns me the most. 

What is the difference between dysport and botox?
They are almost identical in function.  Dysport generally takes effect quicker since it has a smaller molecular size.  

What is the overall cost per unit?
Since Dysport is smaller than Botox, units are measured differently.  Generally the ratio is 3:1 so if you need 20 units of botox, you would need 60 units of Dysport.  
The cost of Dysprt is $4.16/unit, Botox is $12.50/unit.  


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