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Thursday, August 22, 2019

Our favorite drug store beauty products

When you find affordable beauty products that are actually good, you just have to share it with your girlfriends!  These 8 items are products we use daily/weekly!

Mascara PRIMER - A game changer!!  Seriously you'll love this!  We were not blessed with long beautiful lashes, so we have to create them.  This primer really helps to thicken and add just a little more to your lashes for your mascara to "stick" to.  Let it dry slightly before adding your mascara over top.

Mascara - We've both been using this mascara for a few months now and love it!  We always get the Blackest Black color.  This used with the primer above is an amazing duo!

Concealer - So good!  Used daily under eyes to create an even skin tone and look refreshed.  I use the color "light".  I apply this with my damp beauty blender.  I actually also use this to dab on my lips before applying my lip liner and lipstick.  I find that my lipstick stays on better.

Conditioning Spray - I use this daily when I get out of the shower.  It helps when brushing through my wet hair so that there is less damage from brushing.  Also adds moisture to help strengthen my hair from heat styling damage.  

Liquid Eye Liner - The best eye liner that I have found to glide on smooth and actually be dark enough in color.  I've tried so many liners in the past that barely give any color.  This one is really good and lasts all day!

Make up wipes - I use these every night after I wash my face to get any leftover eye makeup off.  They are super gentle and smell amazing!

Foot cream - Amazing!!  This has helped my dry feet/heels so much!  I rub on daily after showering.  No more cracked heels!

Essie nail polish - About a year ago, I stopped going to the salon to get dip nails.  It was getting expensive and I found it hard to find the extra time.  I went on the hunt for the best white nail polish.  Found it!  My absolute FAVORITE white nail polish is the color "Tuck it in my tux".  If you love white polish - you have to try this!  I always use a primer, then apply 3 coats of this polish, and finish with a top coat.  I can usually go a whole week with this nail polish looking good.  

Do you have a drug store beauty favorite?  We'd love to hear about it!!

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