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Friday, January 3, 2020

Heading into a New Year with Serena and Lily

Happy New Year!!  

This is our first post for 2019!!  

It's time for: 
a new year
a new you
a new attitude
a new set of goals
and a new pair of pajamas!!

Basically this year can be anything you want it to be.  It always feels like a fresh start to me!  
And although I really don't make resolutions, I do like to think about any changes I want to make for the new year.  

Flower Vase c/o // Linen Pajamas c/o //  Navy Pillow Cover c/o // Bed Quilt


For the month of January, I have decided to do a "clean out/get organized" challenge.  There's nothing better than feeling organized and less cluttered.  Especially around the house.  And especially in the areas of the house where we spend most of our time.  For me, it's the kitchen and the bedroom.  Somedays I feel like I live in my kitchen!!  I'm sure you mamas out there can relate!

Last year I was introduced to Simplified on Instagram.  Every January she does a month-long Simplicity challenge.  1 easy task each day for the 30 days to give your mind and home a fresh start.  Each task is fairly quick, like 10-15 min...unless you keep going and really get into the task!!!  I did this last year and am again this year.  I encourage you all to do it with me and am sharing the tasks along with my finished product on Instagram stories.  You can go back and do the first 2 days that you missed up until now, or just jump in today and get started.  

Today's challenge is fitting for today's post.  The mission is to clean off your bedside table and,  besides a clock and a lamp, only have 2 items that you truly love on it.  This could be a picture frame of your kids or family, the book you are reading now or a beautiful vase filled with fresh flowers.  This Serena and Lily vase with it's white bottom, wide mouth and cute shape make it the perfect vase for either holding fresh flowers or sitting empty on a table or shelf.  This is the small size and it also comes in a taller, larger size.   

Flower Vase c/o // Linen Pajamas c/o

This time of year with the colder temps and the shorter days...I think we all love being warm and cozy.  At least I know I do.  I'm one of those people who once I am "in" for the day/night, I immediately change into comfier clothes.  And if I'm being honest, it's usually my pajamas.  I was recently treated to the most luxurious linen pajamas from Serena and Lily.  They are so good.  Great quality, 4 color options and the kind of pj you can wear with company in the house or to answer the front door.  They do run a tad big, I'm in an XS and have plenty of room.  

One thing I've always done, and will continue to do, is to make my bed every day!!  Even if the rest of my bedroom is a mess, a freshly made bed just makes the room look and feel so much better.  I could have a pile of laundry sitting on the bed waiting to be put away,  but it looks better and more manageable sitting on a made bed!!  I recently got new sheets and bedding and what a difference it makes in the room.  It was time.  Our old bedding was probably close to 10 years old...crazy!!  And what were we waiting for??  If you're in the market for new sheets or updated bedding, check out Serena and Lily.  So many gorgeous bedding options, so you'll stay cozy and sleep better all night long!!

I hope you take this first month of the year to think about how you want the rest of the year to flow.  The attitudes you want to have.  The space you want to live in.  And I know we can't control everything, but we can help to set our self up for success and happiness. 

Happy New Year!

Similar chairs herehere and here // Flower Vase c/o // Linen Pajamas c/o


Thank you to Serena and Lily for sponsoring today's post.

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