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Friday, January 31, 2020

RF Microneedling with Juvly: Details & Before/After pictures

A couple years ago, I decided to take better care-of my skin and treat those certain areas that were making me feel self-conscious.  Juvly Aesthetics has been my go-to for all my skin-care needs.  

I appreciate and love that their mission is non-surgical ways to give the most natural, but amazing results.  Being a leader in aesthetics, when they introduced a new, more intense, form of Microneedling - I knew I had to try it!

RF Microneedling or Genius Microneedling has the same concept of traditional microneedling.  However it also delivers deep thermal energy to the dermis - the inner layer of skin.  

I'm sharing a variety of pictures down below of before, during, and after.  If you are squeamish - beware that some pictures are graphic.  

You can see all of my past Juvly treatments here.  Looking for a Juvly near you?  Here are their 12 locations.  


No makeup (except for eyes).

After numbing for 25 mins, they start with the neck and work up the face.  The pen creates micro-injuries to promote collagen & elastin formation, which reduces fine lines, wrinkles, & scaring.  

Then the RF (radio-frequency) delivers energy which heats up the deeper layers of skin to promote constriction and skin-tightening faster.  

About half-way done here.  Each area of the face gets 3 passes with the pen before moving along to the next area.  Your skin does start to feel warmer with each pass. 

If I'm being completely honest - it was not pain-free.  You are numbed and some areas really didn't hurt at all.  However, there were some areas (at least on me) that were pretty painful.  And by painful, I mean on a scale of 1-10, maybe a 6/7.  The forehead and chin were sensitive for me.  Especially on the third pass.  
Would I get this done again? YES!  

All done!
It's important to keep your skin moisturized afterwards as the healing begins.  
For the first day, it basically feels like you have a minor sunburn.  Nothing is sore or feeling sensitive.  


Overall my skin looks really good.  In the past with laser treatments, I was really red for a few days.  This is very subtle.  I did bruise on my left eyelid.  



Look how refreshed my skin looks!!!  I'm so impressed.  This is with absolutely NO makeup or anything on my face.  


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