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Wednesday, April 1, 2020

The best joggers and 3 of my favorite at-home workouts

Boy am I missing the gym.  
A few times a week I'd meet a girlfriend first thing in the morning before the family woke up.  We'd get in a tough workout and chat while doing it.  
Since being at home, my workout motivation is lacking.  Yes - I'm walking with the kids, jumping on the trampoline, shooting hoops with my son.  But - it's just not the same.  
So - in hopes of motivating me (and maybe you if you are feeling like me), I pulled out my notebook and found my top favorite workouts to share with you!

Boyfriend tank, also in black // Sneakernewest color // Joggers, multiple colors, size 4 here. Love this jogger too // Classic sweatshirt, multiple colors, $9

This leopard tank though!!  I love the subtle sheer detail.  Loose workout tops are my favorite.  This boyfriend style is so flattering too! Also available in black and I have size 2.  
And bonus!  This outfit is perfect for easy lounging or working from home too!!

Thought I'd share 3 of my top favorite workouts that you can do at home.  I know I've been slacking in the workout motivation category lately so thought by sharing I'd get motivated and that it may be inspiring to some of you too. 

Workout #1
40 sec. on/ 10 sec. rest
Repeat 2 or 3 times

1. Medicine ball or heavy weight - squat, pick up, lift overhead, then down; repeat
2. burpees
3. squat position - 3 side steps, then 3 side steps the other direction; repeat
4. bicep curl into overhead press
5. in/out jump squats
6. mountain climbers
7. hold weights - back lunges
8. push up, walk hands over to the right, push up, walk hands back to the left; repeat
9. high knees
10. hold plank


Workout #2
50 sec. work/ 10 sec. rest
3 rounds

Set 1 - squat with overhead press
- walk out plank with push up
- jump lunge and burpee

Set 2 - Deadlift & upright row
- 4 mountain climbers, 2 push ups
- crunches

Set 3 - Plie squat with front raise
- Plank ups
- reverse lunge with hammer curls


Workout #3
- a top favorite leg workout

Part 1 - 4 rounds, 60 sec. work/ 30 sec. rest
-Bulgarian split squat - right leg up
-Bulgarian split squat - left leg up

After 4 rounds
glute raises - 60 seconds

Part 2 - HIIT 
2 rounds, 30 sec. work/ 0 rest
Then 1:30 rest, then 2 more rounds
- squats
-reverse alternate lunge

Part 3 - finisher - 4 mins. straight
- jump squats - 10
- mountain climbers - 10
- skater lunges - 10

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