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Faster Way to Fat Loss

We've recently started a new lifestyle/nutrition program....Faster Way to Fat Loss.

  We are hooked and it's an amazing program where we've actually seen fat burning results all while still eating real food with no deprivation.  

It's all about intermittent fasting, carb cycling, counting macros and working out.  No we aren't killing ourself in the gym like we used to.  These are quick, usually less than 30 min., workouts.  We are able to eat the foods we like, just within a smaller eating window...the intermittent fasting.

We've actually seen results, that stubborn fat we've been holding onto is gone.  We feel better, more energized, less bloated...all around better.

It's a 7 week program, the first week being prep week where you are given everything you need to get started.  Your coach walks you through it all and supports you the entire program.  You are also given a facebook group which helps with accountability and support.  Women supporting women!!!  Love it.

If this sounds like something you'd love to can sign up HERE.

Blog posts all about our experience with FWTFL:

* Read about our first round and see results HERE.

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